We work closely with domestic and international partners to develop high quality products for the aviation market. Through collaboration with a wide variety of stakeholders - from airlines and civil aviation authorities to flying schools and universities - we gather industry knowledge and expertise with the aspiration to develop new solutions and explore new ideas.”

“The use of Airport Briefing should provide more effective means of self-briefing thus improving the situational awareness and decision making amongst pilots. To achieve that goal, I would like to extend our support and expertise in all future developments.”
- Goran Jandreoski, Civil Aviation Agency, Director General
“We live in an age of unprecedented challenges to our world, and as a part of the DigitalGlobe Seeing a Better World initiative, we see the value that Airport Briefing will bring to the aviation industry by reducing factors and potentially improving the safety measures for pilots around the globe.”
- Rami Hazime, Digital Globe, UAE Dubai