I am proud of what we have achieved so far and I am looking forward to embracing the challenges in the future for continuous enhancement of Airport Briefing. The goal has been set and we move forward to shape Synapse Aviation and Airport Briefing as recognized safety enhancement brands in the aviation industry.

I welcome you to join me and our team in making a better and safer tomorrow.

- Filip Arsov CEO

Embracing Chalenges
and Assuring Quality

As shown by many studies, in over 85% of all incidents and accidents, poor situational awareness has been named as a significant causal factor. Of this number, at least half were due to lack of spatial awareness. Considering that the loss of revenue of one airplane grounding can be as much as a million dollars a day, it is imperative for airlines to address this single largest non-technical factor to stay efficient and safe.

Airport Briefing brings pilots and their airlines together to function on a common platform for the decisionmaking process so that any exigency may be dealt with in the most expeditious and efficient manner. Airportbriefing enables the flight crew to develop an accurate mental model of their operating environment and isvital for all three levels of situational awareness.

By using an advanced 3D audio-visual system, Airport Briefing sets itself apart as a leading tool in modern technologies for operations and training.

Synapse Aviation

Developing Cutting
Edge Innovative Software

We forever aspire to push the boundaries of current limitations in all the work we do.


By use of the latest technologies throughout the development process we seek to deliver innovative products which shall simplify tasks and optimize workflows.


With an ambition to create ‘a new conversation’ in aviation about flight safety, we use the pilot’s experience as our guiding star and navigation through all the products we develop.


Via the implementation of subject-matter studies throughout the planning, design, and development process.